24/7 Prayer Room

1st - 8th March

“A prayer room is first and foremost a living room – a place where the Father waits for his children to come and climb into his arms... not just another project to add to the menu but rather a source of prayer cover for the projects.” - Red Moon Rising, Pete Greig.

Over 40 different groups meet in the FBC Centre each week and more than 2000 people pass through our doors! Imagine the impact of praying for these people and activities around the clock for a whole week! What might God do?!

Well, let’s find out!!

Between 1st - 8th March 2018 there will be a 24/7 prayer room in operation at the Centre to enable us to pray night and day for all that goes on at FBC.

Please join us in praying for our community non-stop for one week! Click here to sign up.