1:1 Mentoring

3 months of support and accountability on your faith journey.

Do you want to grow in your faith but you're not sure how? 1:1 mentoring is a great place to start!

We know that our faith grows when we engage in three key areas - active faith, intentional community, and personal disciplines. Through mentoring you'll be leaning into all three of these areas - your mentor will hold you accountable and walk with you, pointing you to Jesus. The course materials will point you to ways you can invest in the disciplines of Bible reading, prayer and silence. You'll be challenged to step out in faith in your every day life.

We'll pair you with an mature believer who will walk with you for 3 months. The goal for this time is that they support you in taking active steps to grow your own faith - understanding better what it means to have a relationship with God, and what you need to do to grow.

You'll meet weekly for the first month, fortnightly in the second, and once in the third month. You'll work through a booklet with your mentor, looking at topics such as who God is, who he has created you to be, and how you can prioritise and invest in your spiritual growth.

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