Belonging to FBC

Make this church feel like your church

We're glad you are here, whoever you are, whatever you believe or don't believe, whatever you have experienced - this church exists for you. We want more for you than we want from you, and anything we ask from you is because of what we want for you!

We exist to help people find and follow Jesus, to discover meaning, purpose and fullness of life through a life transforming relationship with Jesus! We've created a handful videos to share a bit more of who we are and why we do what we do. We hope they will be helpful for you if you need a reminder of the why behind why we exist or if you are figuring out if you want to make this church your church. We've also included some questions to help you reflect as you go. Take your time - you don't have to do this in one hit.

Part 1 - The Adventure

Part 2 - Where am I?

What Stage of Faith do you think you are at?

How can I grow my faith?

CLICK HERE to discover more about these 3 areas and to find ways in which you can develop them in your life.

Which of these 3 areas do I think I need to focus on next?

What might my next step be to grow in one of these areas?

Part 4 - How can I get involved at FBC?

CLICK HERE to find out more about how you can get involved at FBC in these areas.

Which of these 5 areas am I already involved in?

What could my next step to help me become more involved in the life of FBC?

Part 5 - Exploring Membership of FBC