FBC Care Teams

Join the Prayer, Meals, Visiting or Practical Team

The Care Network Teams are on FBC's frontline as they support and love those in our community and beyond. There are currently 4 Care Network Teams offering Prayer, Meals, Visiting and Practical help. To find out more information and to sign up to join a team please select the relevant team(s) below.

All of these teams react to needs as required. If you join a team, an email will be distributed when a need arises and you can choose to volunteer if you are in a position to help at that time.

For more information or to sign up please click on the relevant team heading.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team are a group of people who commit to praying for the needs of our community when a need arises.

Meals Team

A team who supply meals for those who need it due to specific circumstances. such as a new baby, illness or bereavement.

Visiting Team

A team who visit those in need of company and friendship, for example if they are in hospital, housebound or isolated.

Practical Team

A team to respond to Practical help requests for church members and the community as and when needed.

Communicating with the Care Teams

If you have identified an individual, couple or family who would benefit from support from the Care Teams please email care@finchampstead.com.