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FBC Community Team

Sharing God's love with our community

Join us as we build a community that celebrates the value and potential in everyone!

Our volunteers played a significant role in the Wokingham Covid-response support teams over the last 12 months. As shielding has ended and restrictions are gradually being lifted, we are now moving back into smaller teams as we believe this is the most effective way to meet the needs of our community but also more fun and fulfilling for our volunteers.

There are several small teams (organised primarily via WhatsApp) of around 10-12 people, some of which have a particular focus such as a geographical area or a particular issue such as food poverty. In addition there are also teams who organise specific community events such as the Litter Pick. Our Prayer Team will continue to operate via email.

We would love you to join one of the teams. They would work in a similar way to the current Care Team in that you simply respond to the requests when you are able to help on an ad hoc basis but it will be easier to coordinate with others and get to know other volunteers in the team.

Please consider signing up to be a part of a team listed below or let us know what particular area of community work is on your heart.