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Getting Started with 'my church suite'

Step by step instructions to get your account up to date

Logging onto My Church Suite 

You should have received an invitation (via email) to My Church Suite. Please click on the link in the email to set up an account. If you haven't registered for an account you can do so in the Church Suite card on fbcnext.com

Privacy Settings

Once you have created an account and logged in, you will be able to see and edit the information in your profile and you can also set what information is visible to others. You can do this by clicking the 'My Details' tab in the menu bar. When checking this data, please amend anything that is incorrect or needs updating BUT PLEASE DO NOT DELETE anything. If you don’t want people to be able to see your email address then ensure the box next to ‘Make my email visible’ is unticked. If you delete data then the team at FBC won’t be able to use this information to connect with you or to help you connect into life at FBC. Make sure you click ‘Save Changes’ when you have finished! Only the options that you have made visible will be seen by others within FBC with the exception of Marlene Chalmers and Chris Simpkins who are the administrators for the system.

In the 'subscriptions' tab you can set what type of communication you receive from FBC. We suggest you ensure all these boxes are ticked. If you untick them then we will be unable to communicate with you via email or text. We try to ensure that we don't overload your inbox. If you feel that you are receiving too many emails then simply let us know.

Volunteer Teams and Connect Groups

If you are part of a volunteer team or a Connect Group within FBC, you will be able to access your rotas and communicate with your Connect Group through the relevant tabs in the menu. (My rotas, My Groups. If these are not visible when you create your account, please do not worry, it may be that your group leader has yet to set these up. Once they are available they will automatically appear in your menu.

Family Connections 

If you have other members of your family who are also part of FBC, the system should have connected you all together by address. You can link your profile to your spouse’s in your profile settings.

Children and young people profiles can only be seen by the parents and relevant group leaders and are NEVER visible to anyone else. Parents are able to amend, update and control their children and young people’s profiles.