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I'm new to faith

Are you starting out on your faith journey?

Have you recently started out on your faith journey or returned after some time away? If you wouldn't class yourself as a Christian but are curious about faith then we have another page with resources and advice. We also have a page with resources and advice for people who have been following Jesus for some time.

There is more to developing an authentic faith of your own than just learning about God. Jesus invites you to follow him, to journey with him, to do life with him. He invites you into a relationship. Establishing healthy rhythms and habits are a good way to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Spending regular time in worship, prayer and reading the Bible are key ways we can grow in our relationship with Jesus. We often refer to them as 'Quiet Times' but they don't have to be quiet! CLICK HERE to find out more on how to have a quiet time.

Whilst our faith is private, it's between us and God, it is also public. We are designed for community, we grow in community. You cannot grow spiritually unless you are connected relationally. Our connect groups provide us with this community - they help us to connect relationally so we can grow spiritually.

Faith is something that is lived out, not just learnt. We exercise our faith. This happens in multiple ways. We live out our faith through the way we live our lives, through the way we interact with the people around us. We exercise our faith by putting ourselves in situations that will test and stretch us. Joining a volunteer team and sharing your faith with others are great ways for you to exercise your faith.

So think about these three questions:

  • How am I growing in my relationship with Jesus?
  • Where am I connecting into community to grow spiritually?
  • Where am I exercising my faith?

There are some resources at the bottom of this page that will help you. You can also fill out the form below and we will seek to support you in your jounrey.

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