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We are an 'outward looking church', lots of what we do is done with guests in mind. We are not church for the unchurched, we are church for all people, wherever they are at on their faith journey. But we are also a church for churched people who want to invite their unchurched friends - that was a bit of a mouthful!

We want to partner with you to support you in sharing your faith with your friends and family. We will ensure that the events we host are created with guests in mind. We will ensure a high quality, cringe free, authentic experience that helps your friends feel like they belong and want to come back.

Sunday mornings at FBC are a great place to invite your friends and family, when you do, you see what we do slightly differently - you view the format of the event or the service through the eyes of your friends.

Inviting is a great way to experience an Active Faith (that's one of the 3 key ways in which we grow in our faith). It encourages us to step out of our comfort zone, putting our faith on the line.