Becoming a 'member' of FBC

Membership at FBC

Becoming a 'member' at FBC is about being part of the family of the church as well as the legal entity that is Finchampstead Baptist Church. If you have been with us for a bit, love what we are about and what to help us continue on this adventure, then this might be a great next step for you.

There are a few things we ask of people before they become a member of FBC:

  1. Watched the 'Belonging to FBC' videos on Right Now Media or FBC Next. CLICK HERE to find it.
  2. Be engaged in the 5 key ways to get involved at FBC: Connect, Volunteer, Invite, Give, Pray
  3. Be able to 'assent' to our statement of faith. CLICK HERE to read it
  4. Complete the membership covenant form - CLICK HERE to fill it in.

Our Memorandum of Articles of Association and our Handbook are 2 important governing documents for FBC. Members of FBC should be aware of them and the information they contain. They provide the structure for our organisation. We don't exist to serve these documents, they are they to serve us, to help us operate in safe and transparent manner.