New to Prayer?

New to Prayer?

New to prayer?

Prayer can sound like a big word and feel daunting! But... it’s really just a two-way conversation between you and the Living God!

You don’t have to be anywhere special to pray, you can pray at any given time, for any given length. You don't have to use any special words either!

Have a look at this clip from 24-7 prayer to give you a bit more of an idea.

There are many different ways to pray and many different types of prayer. This week we focus on what we call “prayers of intercession” - asking for God’s help on behalf of others. 

If you want to have a go, why not try something like this: 

(with time, this will become more familiar and comfortable)

  • Find a quiet spot where you can be free of distractions for a little while - this will help you focus.
  • Still your mind - this can be challenging especially if there are jobs you want to remember to do! Why not jot them down and leave them there to come back to later. 
  • Close your eyes, take deep breaths and concentrate on your breathing. Become aware of your surroundings, your body, sounds, smells…
  • Now focus your mind on something about God - it may be a comforting experience you have had, a word (Love, Compassion, Merciful, Present etc…), a verse that you can remember, a song that speaks of Him. Take time to just enjoy what it brings to mind - this reminds us of who it is we are praying to and increases our faith. (check out some of our songs if you want some inspiration)
  • Then thank God for whatever stands out!
  • Next - ask God! This bit can feel like a shopping list but God loves and longs to hear what is on our hearts. He invites us to come to Him like a little child bringing their needs to their loving parent who listens and wants to help. (You can use this weeks’ daily cards to help with content).
  • We end our prayers by saying “in Jesus Name”, not because it is a magic formula, but because our desire is that our requests may be answered according to His will and way, as only He knows best. 
  • Then leave it with God and start again whenever you want!

If you would like to explore more prayer ideas, why not check out

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There are a number of worship songs on FBCLive that may help you to focus on God.