Partnership at FBC

Find out how to be part of the mission

FBC is a Baptist Church, we are part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Along with most Baptist churches we have a congregational governance approach to church leadership. Whilst membership is common in Baptist churches, how it operates varies from church to church.

We are reframing our approach to membership at FBC, part of this includes renaming it to Partnership. In October we are hosting 3 events to explore and explain what Partnership at FBC is all about.

If you are part of the family of FBC and want to be part of the process of helping FBC fulfil its purpose (to help people find and follow Jesus) and helping us discern where God might be leading us then we think Partnership is for you. Click the links below to sign up for one of the events.

Sunday 8th October, 12:15pm in the Hall at the FBC Centre

Tuesday 17th October, 7:30pm in the Loft at the FBC Centre

Monday 30th October, 7:45pm on Zoom