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Light for the road

What is the bible? Join us on the journey to find guidance, wisdom and life within its pages?

What are you made of?

We don't think about how well a boat is built until the storm rolls in. The same is true for us right? So how can we find out what we're really made of, and can we be made of more?


All great legacies are left by people who know it's better to be part of something significant than merely being a significant part of something. If any movement falls into the category of significant, the movement started by Jesus 2000 years ago surly makes the cut. It's transformed our world in ways unfathomable to the world the movement began in. So if God's doing something in our world and invites us to be a part of it... what part to do we play?

Bear hunt

We can't go over it, we can't go under it... oh no! We've got to go through it.

We all find ourselves face to face with "got to go through it" moments during our lives. In this series, we're discovering four of those moments we all share in common and plotting a path to the other side in the hopes of making it with more hope, less pain and fewer regrets! We're going on a bear hunt!

Disruptive Faith

Change takes disruption. If you want to discover a faith that really makes a difference then join us in our new series... disruptive faith!


In this series, we're discovering how to leverage our attention for our benefit, because the decision to direct our attention is too important to leave up to our devices, no matter how smart they get.