FBCLive - Sunday at 10:30am

Scattered Lights

We are the church!

The countdown to Christmas has begun.  This is normally a time of year where we start planning to meet up with friends and family. As a church it's a time where we gather together, inviting our community to celebrate Christmas with us. Most of us will be doing Christmas differently this year. 

We all know that there is more to church than the place we meet and the things we do. The church is not a building - we are the church and we can remind others of the hope and joy of the Christmas message wherever we are. So we would like to invite you to take part in our 'Scattered Lights' plan in the run-up to Christmas. The idea is that on a Sunday evening your household would choose another household to shine your light on that coming week. You may choose to contact the individual, couple or family in that household to ask them how you can pray for them that week; you may choose to send them a card, a letter or a picture; to share a Bible verse or worship song that you are finding helpful or uplifting. You could even order a cake from the FBC Cafe to bless them! It would be great if children joined in too! 

This is not a programme you come to, it's something you become part of. We are not organising this, we are not allocating families to you to pray for. As a community, as a family, we hope you will be inspired by the hope of Christmas. Where God reached out across time and space to connect with us, to be for us what we needed him to be. In the same way, we invite you to reach out to our community, to pray for one another, to bless and encourage one another - to be church for one another.

You can find contact details for people in the FBC family on our ChurchSuite platform, depending on how and they have set up your privacy settings. If you are unable to find the necessary contact details for the household you wish to contact, please get in touch with us via care@finchampstead.com and we will try to help you to connect.

Our hope is that between now and Christmas you will be able to pick a family a week that you can pray for and encourage. But if you can only do one or two, please do join with us in this. Even though we are scattered we can still gather together in this way.